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The #1 most requested hand-tied method on the market. Invisible Bead Extensions or IBE® is an extension method that focuses on integrity, flexibility, and comfort.

Invisible Bead Extensions® can add length, fullness, or a combination of both. Whether you want the long mermaid hair of your dreams or added thickness- IBE® is the way to go. We source the best hand tied wefts that keep your extensions lightweight and secure. 


Set up your free consultation with Chelsea (IBE® Master Technician) or Koren (IBE® Certified) today to see if they are right for you! 


The Original Flip-Up! 

Here, our client is wearing two rows of 4 wefts each for added length and thickness. Peep the added pops of dimension they gave her!

*Length is added by installing one or two rows, the determining factor is the length you choose of wefts and your own thickness and length... THE SHORTER YOUR HAIR IS AND THE LONGER THE WEFTS ARE THE MORE HAIR YOU WILL NEED. 


Whether your goal is length or fullness, the options are endless. Our client has one row of 4 wefts to give her fullness and a little added length. She has a fine hair texture so one row was perfect for her!

Fullness can usually be upgraded with just ONE ROW, depending on the natural thickness and texture of your hair. 




Freedom to style your hair how you choose. The flexibility IBE®️ offers allows you to wear those high buns and ponytails without worry. No more stubborn beads or tapes to hide and they are comfortable from the day they are installed.

Pictured is our client before and after her install. Look how much fullness the extensions gave her up-style.



Get creative with your color. Adding pops of color from blonde, brunette, red and even VIBRANTS is easier with IBE®️. We can custom color your extensions based on your desires. Pictured is our stylist Koren, she enjoys getting blonde extensions and custom coloring all different shades, this way we don't have to bleach her hair often when she wants to change her color.

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